What is Octa75.com

Octa75 is an advertising network that connects businesses that want to run advertisements with the use of websites/videos or images to reach out to potential customers. The principle attribute of an ad network is the gathering of ad space and matching it with the advertiser’s needs. We tend to serve companies and brands with organic traffic to help their businesses grow. We pay our users 75% of the advertiser’s spending plan just for you visiting our advertiser’s websites, Our crucial duty is to engage and send potential customers to our advertisers!

How Can Users Earn With Octa75?

We receive adverts from companies and businesses in different sectors and we deliver traffic to their websites, we use people like you to visit their website and we pay you 75% of what they budgeted per click to their website

Do i Need To Pay to Start?

Payment is not compulsory unless you want to increase your earnings, you can then upgrade your market. We have a plan called Unpaid plan on the website which will help you start without making any payment but you will be limited by 1 advert per day.

If i Wish to Upgrade My Market, What is The Minimum Amount?

The minimum amount to upgrade your market from the unplaid plan is $20 dollars!

What is The Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

We tend not to limit you by withdrawal but we want to make sure everyone is seriously committed before starting withdrawal, the minimum withdrawal amount is $30

What Payment Medium Can i Use For Withdrawal?

For now, we accept USDT as the only means of withdrawal as we tend to add more payment methods in the nearest future.

How Can I Use USDT To Upgrade My Market?

It is very straightforward when you are used to trading with cryptocurrency but if using USDT is strange to you, you can make use of Youtube on how to buy USDT with Binance App or contact us for us to assist you!!!

How Long Does it Take To Disburse Payment After Withdrawal?

It takes 48 to 72 hours for us to transfer to your USDT wallet

Is There a Withdrawal Day?

Every day is a happy day, you are always open to withdrawal anytime, once you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount of $30

Refer Commission

We offer 10% commission on every person you refer to Octa75. We don’t pay you off just once, we give you 10% of your downline earnings every day, forever!!! You also get 8% commission every day, when your downline refers another person to Octa75.

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